Although PAP therapy can revolutionise your life, adjusting to it may be challenging. After purchasing a CPAP, APAP or BiPAP machine, MySleep will remain committed to assisting you throughout your journey. Our professionally trained representatives will ensure your immediate and long-term needs are met through education and acclimation. We will also contact you periodically to obtain compliance feedback.

Correct education at the start of your PAP therapy and regular follow-up during your treatment will not only help you adhere to therapy, but will ultimately lead to better outcomes. The most common reason patients give up on therapy is not being comfortable with the mask, especially in the early stages of therapy, and a lack of knowledge. This is an involved process which means you need help from our professional team on a continual basis. You must be fully informed and involved in the process. Our support structures and aftercare service makes the difference between success and failure.


7 Reasons to choose MySleep

  • Tailored services to our customers who need specific care such as special masks, pressure cycle, humidification, backup batteries, tailor-made pillows and regular follow-ups with our Sleep and Fatigue consultants
  • Follow ups and compliance tracking are done by dedicated compliance nurses free of charge. Our patients’ compliance rating is significantly higher than the industry average because of our patient-centred care model and support systems. This leads to a better patient experience and, in turn, improved quality of sleep
  • All our CPAP, APAP and BiPAP machines carry a 3-year on-site warranty (longest in the market)
  • If you are not comfortable with the mask or the size is incorrect, we will exchange the mask free of charge within 7 working days from the onset of therapy
  • Additional Sleep and Lifestyle Educational Programmes are provided through the Sleep and Fatigue Consultants
  • Patients with sleep hygiene or insomnia related issues are referred to the Sleep and Fatigue Consultants (psychologists specialising in sleep & fatigue) for further evaluation and support
  • All in-house personnel undergo regular training and testing

Obtain the compliance reports from my CPAP / APAP / BiPAP machine. Download the compliance survey and send the completed form to  for statistics and / or feedback on your PAP device / therapy. You are more than welcome to contact our offices or come in for assistance with any products.



 CPAP Compliance


Disclaimer: This information is for education purposes only and is intended to answer some of the frequently encountered questions about the meaning of ‘Sleep Apnea’.
If you have any questions regarding the information contained on this website please contact your physician.

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