The Magic Bullet for a New You
Author: Sports Science Institute of South Africa

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Most of us have suffered the consequences of poor sleep at some time or another. While you might not realise it, poor sleep is likely to be responsible for the lethargy, dullness of mind, forgetfulness, feelings of not being able to cope, and even grumpiness you may experience.

But how do you know that your sleep is below par? And what can you do about it?

Great news is that the Sleep Science scientists at the Sports Science Institute of SA (SSISA) are geared up to help you! March is World Sleep Month – with World Sleep Day taking place 16 March 2018 – and SSISA’s Dr Dale Rae and her ‘Dream Team’ squad of sleep scientists will be on hand to help you get back on track. On board to help us deliver an excellent service are Sleep Science partners ‘MySleep’ and ‘7HourSleep’ as well as Granny Goose, supplier of high quality, luxury bedding.

Says Gaynor Walkey, MD of Granny Goose, “Upgrading your current sleep essentials – be it a more comfortable pillow, a natural fill down duvet or pure cotton linen – will result in a more restful night’s sleep.”

There will also be talks from our experts throughout the day on why good quality sleep is critical for your health and what you can do to optimise your sleep.

If you are feeling a bit groggy during the day, are struggling with your sleep at night or are just inquisitive to know more, pop in to chat to one of our Dream Team experts. Based on a short sleep questionnaire, they will do a mini-assessment of your sleep and point you in the right direction to get on top of your sleep challenges.

Some fun activations during the day will include competitions and giveaways; test-driving some amazingly comfortable Granny Goose bedding; and taking part in sleep surveys that determine whether you are an owl or lark.

Workshop details

When:   Friday 16 March – pop in anytime from 07h00 – 15h00
Where:  SSISA, Boundary Road, Newlands
Cost:     Free
RSVP:   E-mail Raeesa on (preferable to let us know you are attending but if you forget to RSVP– please still pop in!)


Visit for more info, and watch this space for our upcoming activations and workshops focussed on promoting better sleep, including an online course, a women’s wellness workshop where sleep will be a big focus, as well as a workshop dedicated exclusively to sleep health in July.

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